Our Roadmap


Oct 2021 - Origin NFT's Distribution

The journey begins with the distribution of several hundred unique ships, which will have a significantly increased daily energy. Such NFT ships and such a unique game bonus will be available for purchase only at this stage of development.


Feb 2022 - Early Beta Test

By purchasing an early NFT spaceship, you also get access to early beta testing of the game. Those who managed to acquire a part of the origin collection are the first to start exploring the cursed space and its forgotten treasures on their unique ship.


May 2022 - Game Release

Full release of the game for Android and IOS. Anyone can start their journey into the cold jungle of space on an old, wrecked ship.


Own DAO & Marketplace

We will create our own marketplace for the exchange and sale of in-game items. Also will be created a full-fledged DAO system for the players, in which anyone can add their own content to the game and vote for development directions.


NFT collaborations

Have you dreamed of making your cryptopunks a part of the ship's crew? Everything is possible in the Cursed Space - in collaboration with other collections, we plan to add unique in-game items for the owners of the corresponding NFTs, expanding the universe and creating more opportunities to enjoy your NFT purchases.


Procedurally Generated Endless Game

Every level is unique and every in-game choice matters.

Use your daily spaceship energy to explore space and earn JUNK tokens.

Find spaceship parts or craft them with collected JUNK.

Trade or sell your ships and parts.

Collect spaceships to receive more daily energy.

Each ship has a unique set of characteristics - capacity, compartments, crew and weapons.

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Play Anytime And Anywhere

We want as many people as possible to play our game, so we aim to develop the most compatible modern mobile application. Simple for everyone. Interesting for everyone. Profitable for everyone.

More info coming soon on our Discord!
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Get your ship now on OpenSea

During the first stage, 3 types of ships will be available on the OpenSea platform - legendary, epic and rare. The purchase of any of these ships is guaranteed to give access to beta testing of the game. And, of course, your favorite ship within the game - with unique amount of daily energy.